Consignment with

The collaborative driving force of is to document as much as Sports History as possible. We want to get these great stories out of attics, garages and online for like-minded collectors and amateur sports historians to reminisce and recollect their memories (and to learn about teams and leagues they never knew existed).

We also want to sell these memories to fans and collectors at prices that are competitive. Our niche is that the product is photographed nicely, consistently and the text is legible so the stories in these published pieces live on. You might (might) be able to find some items cheaper in a random search, but browsing our site with clearly designed sports, leagues and memorabilia type search categories makes us a one-stop resource.

When you consign an item with us, we help you sell your items through our website. You don’t pay anything until your item sells. Once a consigned item has sold, we charge a commission (35% of the sale price). We pay you the amount of the sale minus our commission. When you consign an item with us, you help choose how to price it and when to adjust the price. To get started, please eMail us first with a photo or detailed written description of the memorabilia you want to sell and we will get back to you with a decision as to whether to proceed.

Fees and Commissions

The only fee we charge is a 35% commission when your item sells, as detailed below. There are no hidden or further fees. This fee includes the time we spend photographing and documenting the items for sale/historical archiving. Marketing costs are paid by however any discounts applied to products are shared by both parties. If a customer uses a 15% off coupon, the 15% discount is taken off first, then divided 35%-65%.

Larger Collections, Specialized Collections etc.

We planning on adding many more items from our archives and look forward to collaborating to like-minded individuals who share our historical mandate. If you have items from, say the AAFC (1946-50) or the Negro Leagues, we are very interested in filling in the areas we are not strong in.

In order to avoid confusion and liabilities, we recommend the initial commission submissions to be no more than 30 items. Please eMail us first with a photo or detailed written description of the memorabilia you want to sell and we will get back to you with a decision as to whether to proceed. We ask for your help in explaining your memories and stories too.

How Do We Establish Pricing?

Open submission, you set an asking price. We recommend searching for similar items on eBay, Amazon etc. to get a basic idea of what people are asking (but not necessarily getting) for items. We use to see what items have actually sold for in the past. This is fine for baseball and football but not as in-depth for the more obscure sports (which we have a lot of).

You can modify your prices at any time by emailing us. For example, you might start something out at $100, and if it hasn’t sold after a month, decide to drop the price to $80, and so on, until the item has sold. Patience is the best approach as these one-of-a-kind items get shared.

When and how do I get paid?

We can issue your payment either by mailing a check, sending the money to your PayPal account (subject to PayPal’s 3% fee for receiving business-related payments), or by issuing the payment through Venmo. Most payments will be issued within 7-10 days after your item has sold, though payment for more expensive items may take somewhat longer, at our discretion.

Do I have to commit to a minimum amount of time? What if I want my items back?

There is no minimum commitment period for your consignments. The consignor can request the return of unsold item(s) after 120 days. All sold and returned items stay in the history database, so the story is still told long after it’s sold. For each item returned to you, we charge $2.00 per item plus return shipping costs.

How to send us your items.

To get started, Download and fill out the Consignment Form. It provides detailed instructions for how to send us your items and get them listed on our site. We look forward to seeing your sports memories.