A Complete Record of the North American Soccer League

A Complete Record of the North American Soccer League

by Colin Jose


This scarce book is the de-facto bible of the original North American Soccer League (NASL).

The NASL was one of the most remarkable and fascinating leagues in the history of sports. The dream of bringing top-class professional soccer to the United States and Canada began in 1966 after the England World Cup. A couple of Leagues started then folded to form the NASL. The league started to stabilize then expand in the early 70’s. In 1975, the hapless New York Cosmos signed Pele. Quickly outgrowing dumpy Downing Stadium on Randall’s Island,the Cosmos moved to Yankee Stadium. With the opening of Giants Stadium crowds of 70,000 routinely watched the New York Cosmos.

Cities like Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Montreal, Minnesota had real success—for awhile.

That heyday was relatively short-lived and by early 1985, the NASL officially died, after 19 years’ existence.

While many considered it a failure, the NASL played a huge role in the development of soccer in the USA and Canada. Many of its original ideas found their way into the world-wide game. Many players, both those who’s names had been made elsewhere and those whose reputations owed everything to their involvement in the NASL. Most stayed and became coaches—sowing the seeds for the modern MLS.

Author Colin Jose has produced the definitive story of the NASL. His painstaking research has brought to light the statistical side of the league, tracing each game’s results, scorers and team line-ups, and gives, for the first time, the NASL careers of those footballers—Europeans, South Americans, Africans and native-born North Americans—who played for each franchise. He also examines the story of soccer in North America before and after the NASL and analyses why the game had never taken a real hold on a population which takes its sports so seriously.

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