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The Salt Palace opened in 1969 and was home of the Utah Stars of the ABA from 1970 to 1975. Hockey’s WHL Salt Lake Golden Eagles called the Salt Palace home from 1969 to 1991. Lastly but not least, the NBA’s Utah Jazz called the Salt Palace home from 1979 to 1991.

The ABA Los Angeles Stars moved to Salt Lake City following the 1969–70 season and were a major success right out of the gate. In that first magic season the defeated the Kentucky Colonels in the ABA Finals and won the ABA Championship in 1970–71. Finals MVP was Zelmo Beaty. The Utah Stars set an ABA attendance record in that first season (6,100 per game), and would continue to draw well and field excellent teams in the following seasons.

Later, Moses Malone was selected in the 1974 ABA Draft and joined the team directly out of high school. Not surprisingly, the team drew a remarkable 8,500 fans per game. As a result of Malone’s huge contract, financial problems plagued owners of the franchise in 1975 and the team folded on December 2, 1975. Without a doubt, the fan support the Stars received established Salt Lake City as a viable basketball market, setting the stage for the NBA’s New Orleans Jazz to relocate and become the Utah Jazz in 1979 (in case you were wondering what a Utah team would be called “Jazz”

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