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Estadio Caliente currently seats 27,333 spectators and is located on the historic grounds of the late Agua Caliente Horse Racing track. It is home to Los Xolos de Tijuana of Liga MX.

Estadio Caliente and the number 333

Xolos Caliente Casino management’s announced attendance traditionally has been a multiple of ,333. Although they round to ,333 or ,666 the stadium is usually packed so it’s not an exaggerated number. The stadium’s current capacity is 27,333. When Estadio Caliente opened in 2007 it sat 13,333. Ultimately, Estadio Caliente is destined to seat 33,333, although the team’s success at the gate has led the team to pursue more seats than originally planned (but probably not 66,666 ;-). #XoloMayor the team’s super hero mascot’s number? 333 of course.

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1 in stock

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