Soccer Corner Magazine August 1977


This issue features the South African influence on the NASL. Remember, in 1977 South Africa was deep in the throes of apartheid and players left the country to pursue their careers. On the cover is Ace Ntsoelengoe, arguably the Minnesota Kicks best player.

“NASL Notebook” gave fans the news they couldn’t find in newspapers. “ASL Action” did the same for the second circuit. You just couldn’t find this information anywhere.

Back to South Africa, “Springbok Soccer” covers the dawn of multiracial soccer in the country. Players like Steve Wegerle, Ace Ntsoelengoe, Mike Connell, Jomo Sono, Des Backos and Martin Cohen are featured. Popular NASL coach, South African Eddie Firmani has a huge write up.

A classic NASL success story on Tampa Bay’s Derek Smethurst was yet another South African success story.

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