Soccer Corner Magazine July 1977


“NASL Notebook” gave fans the news they couldn’t find in newspapers. “ASL Action” did the same for the second circuit.
Famous Los Angeles Times soccer writer Grahame L. Jones looks into the future (2001) and asks “Will computers turn coaches into programmers and players into robots”. The futuristic font was popular in the 1970’s (Rollerball) but never was used beyond bank check numbers.

Moving further along, Jerry Lincoln opines about whether Argentina should have World Cup ’78 revoked due to political and social upheavals. Remember, Argentina was ruled by a military junta at the time and political dissidents had a way of disappearing frequently.

Of course, you won’t want to miss the American Soccer League (ASL) 1977 preview. Beginning with a nice shot of the champion Los Angeles Skyhawks with coach Ron Newman (and son Guy Newman). There are several pages of notes, features, stats and schedules.

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