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I traveled to Minnesota 2 summers in a row to see the Kicks because that was where it was happening.

The Minnesota Kicks were an NASL team that played at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington from 1976 to 1981. They were established in 1976 and quickly became one of the league’s more popular teams, with an average attendance of 23,120 fans per game in 1976. The Kicks won their division four years in a row from 1976–79. The Kicks drew over 23,000 fans in each season from 1976–79, with attendance peaking at 32,775 in 1977.

My Dad and I attended a game in 1977 that is still described at the “Rain Game”. In a torrential rainstorm the Kicks beat the Dallas Tornado 1-0 on an own goal. There were over 40,000 fans in the stadium (and over 60,000 fans tailgating).

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