Rock n Roll Soccer by Ian Plenderleith


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Rock n Roll Soccer by Ian Plenderleith is a book close to my heart because I came of age when the North American Soccer League (NASL) was booming. I remember virtually everything in this book like it was yesterday. A must read if you want to know how soccer evolved from an ethnic niche sport to the mainstream. It was the NASL that did most of the heavy lifting of getting soccer into Americans’ (and Canadians’) mindset. Teams mentioned include: Atoms, Minutemen, Diplomats, Sting, Rowdies, Stars, Thunder, Tornado, Toros, Lancers, Metros-Croatia, Jaws and Kicks.

The Quintessential book on the NASL from inception to implosion. This book notes the many changes to the game internationally because of the NASL’s innovative approach.

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1 in stock